Main theatre/great room 

The Main Theatre or Great Room is a wide open historical warehouse with concrete floors and walls and a high domed ceiling from the 1930's.  It is flanked on one side with a long custom bar and on the other by a huge gallery wall.   The the lower half of the 80' x 20' gallery wall is lined with crisp and colorful commercial displays and above with 4 clear projectors.   The open design lends itself to both lush artistic displays and serious technical presentations.

Additionally there is a central AV control station, a modular stage, and an elevated production area available for a variety of needs.

front bar.JPG

FRont Foyer

The Foundry opens into a cozy front area with lower ceilings and great wood beams and pillars.   The area itself is over 1500 square feet with its own unique bar seating and reception area.


Nautilus Vip

Above the main rooms floor is a secluded bar with a great overlook of the gallery wall and the Foundry itself.   This area is styled in homage to Jules Vernes Victorian classic 2000 leagues under the sea.  Perfect for VIP section or a crew break room.



The Folsom Street Foundry has become one of the premier medium sized event venues in San Francisco.  Our friendly and capable staff along with our unique creative space make for some truly amazing special events

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ContaCT US

please email us at for all your event questions



Since the early days the Folsom Street Foundry has partnered with Showdown Entertainment to bring gaming entertainment.  They now do Thursday gamenights and Friday Gamevibes parties at the Foundry.

These fun and inclusive nights showcase a variety of old and new games from Jenga, cards and board games in the front to competitive and couch co-op games in the main theatre.

Gamenights go from 6pm to midnight and usually mean a $5 cover charge. Gamevibes Fridays go from 8pm-130am with a $10 cover.

Rarely gamenights get displaced by private events...  check for updates and cool new opportunities in the Bay Area